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New online credit card scam hits consumers


Scareware scammers have found a new way to target consumers by impersonating credit card companies through spam emails that supposedly notify ‘customers’ that their credit card has been blocked.

The fraudulent emails are very convincing and resemble spam emails that are more commonly used for phishing attacks. The emails are well detailed and advise readers to open an attached file which supposedly contains information as to why the credit card was been blocked – but in fact executes a program that runs in the background of the users’ computers, downloading a rogue anti-virus package.

Users are then prompted to purchase anit-virus software that has no real value through a series of bogus warning messages, designed to trick them into believing the software is legitimate. In some cases the ‘anti-virus’ software actually disables existing security packages while also connecting to a botnet of compromised PCs.

According to Websense, the timing of the scam may have some significance. Websense has warned internet users to be vigilant.

Amon Sanniez, a security researcher at Websense Security Labs said: “People worried about being away without a card that works, or afraid their card info was leaked in one of the many data breaches that has hit the news lately, may lower their guard and click on the attachment.

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