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Classic Mini Insurance

The range of classic Minis from a basic 850 all the way through to a Cooper S means that insurance rates tend to reflect value and performance. Consequently depending upon the Mini you own you could pay as little as Group 5 rates or as much as Group 15. The costs of insuring a Mini either Classic or new, have always been tempered by the high availability of parts and low repair costs making cover easily available to most people.

Young drivers who are particularly attracted to Minis can benefit from one of numerous specialist schemes that have been set up over fifty years to cater for those Mini Drivers without experience. Do not expect young driver cover for a Cooper S to be cheap though!

Classic Minis were made up until 2000 so they still appear on the ABI present day car insurance rating tables, as well all now qualifying to be covered under a much more suitable classic car insurance policy. This means that you can purchase Mini cover from both insurance comparison websites as well as specialist car insurance brokers. If you have any unusual driving requirements or don’t fit the mainstream criteria for car insurance comparison websites, try a Mini Insurance specialist.

All minis are different and under a classic car insurance policy that has been specifically designed for Mini Drivers, you get to agree with the insurer what your particular classic is worth. Expect a nasty shock if you write off your Mini under a standard policy and make a claim. You will only be entitled to the book value at the time of the incident.

With so many classic Minis still on the UK roads and available to buy at very reasonable prices, you can presently pick up a R reg 1997 Rover Mini with one previous owner and only 40000 miles on the clock, for under £4000, so  we asked our classic car expert Dave Healey to have a closer look at the car and what is available…….

One of the most recognised and plagiarised car designs in the World, immortalised in films such as The Italian Job, the Mini became an icon of British design during the swinging sixties in London and around the globe.

The Mini was the brainchild and end product of a two year research project by the chain-smoking Sir Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Company (BMC) started in 1957 and launched to an astounded public in 1959.

The Mini was born out of economic necessity and demonstrated the differences in the mindsets of US and British car owners at the time.

In America, multi-laned freeways were springing up everywhere and the 1950′s was a time of indulgence in classic muscle cars and massive engined saloons. Fuel and economy was not a consideration.

However in Europe the mindset and zeitgeist was totally different, with the first two lane UK motorway not opened until 1959.

In 1956 petrol rationing had been reintroduced in the UK due to the Suez Crisis. When Egyptian leader General Nasser shut the Suez Canal, Britain’s largest oil supplier of the time, Burmah Oil, which operated out of Persia, had to find alternative and much longer routes.

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