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UK car insurance tips to help keep your monthly premiums down

It is expected that your monthly premium for your car insurance will go up every year. A lot of people ask if increasing the security provisions of your vehicle will help cut down the cost. This is highly possible and you can discuss this with your insurance provider.

Locks for steering wheel

The steering wheel lock has prevented a number of car theft incidents but they really do not prevent car theft in all situations. A lot of UK car insurance companies are aware of this fact. These locks can easily be opened by those who know them very well like professional car thieves. You might be wondering if this will save you some hard earned money for your car insurance in the UK, unfortunately steering wheel locks will not cut the monthly premium down.

Importance of a car garage

About 25%  of stolen vehicles in the United Kingdom happen while they are just outside the owner’s home. Insurance companies appreciate it if their clients has enough provisions to protect the vehicle while at home. If they are satisfied with that you have, you can actually get lower monthly car insurance premium.  You need to park your vehicle in your garage. If it is still stolen, the insurance company has no choice but to cover for the cost. But if  you parked it outside the declared area or garage as stated on your contract, the policy may be considered not in effect.

Where you live and work

Another factor that will be considered is the area where you live or where you work. If these places are known for high occurrences of crime, then you might be subjected to a higher car insurance premium. So choosing where to get an apartment or buy a house has also a long term effect on how much money will go out of your pocket for other expenses.

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