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Using Business Credit Cards Effectively

imageObtaining business credit cards is one early step towards building your business credit. This is not the same as using your personal credit to obtain a credit card with your business name on it. Obtaining a business credit card relies on your business credit information, not on your personal credit information.


When you are beginning your business, you will probably need to use your personal credit. After you have fulfilled certain basics, your business should rely on itself for credit.

These basics include incorporating your business as a legal business entity. This does not include DBAs (individuals Doing Business As company x). Consult a local business attorney about incorporations are available in your state.

Another basic for building business credit is establishing a business phone that matches your business address in the national 411 directory. Even business cell phone service can be set up for this. Residential addresses are okay, too. Just make sure you are listed as a business in 411 and that your information is correct. Always give lenders this same information.
The last basic step involves building credit with your vendors. If you are in the service industry, you can develop accounts with your office supply, Internet, and phone service providers. Otherwise, get a credit account with your suppliers.

Now you are ready to apply for a business credit card. Use all business information on the business credit card application. Use business sales numbers, list other business assets and liabilities. List business creditors (your vendors) and use business references. Simply put, make your business stand on its own when obtaining business credit cards.

Once you have a business credit card or two, use them for business expenses only. Carry some balance on them month-to-month, but plan on paying almost all of it off monthly. Do not use your business credit card to purchase items for which you could otherwise obtain business financing. Your long-term goal should be to establish solid overall credit for your business.

Establishing solid credit for your business is relatively easy to do if you start by following the three steps above. Then get business credit cards to further build your business’s credit. With good business credit as your foundation, you are now ready to get a business line of credit that does not depend on your personal credit.

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