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What If You Are Gay And Want Life Insurance?


You are possibily going to want life assurance cover if you would like to protect your income or your health should you become very il and incapable of working – something which is extremely essential for single people or people with dependents, plus a same-sex partner.

Furthermore there are instances, like buying a home property, when life insurance may be needed. Insurers might want to be acquainted with the fact that you are gay. They will require you to fill in an application document which will involve information on whether your live-in partner is in the homosexual sector.

The question may not be instant but the company will consequently post out an intrusive questionnaire on daily life.

It would be tempting not to release information or to provide made up details but this will only make your insurance invalid and is subsequently an extremely bad idea. Besides, this could cause substantial difficulties when submitting an application to other insurance companies.
When the application form has been filled in, you may then be requested to undergo a blood test to discover wether you are Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive. There are no  fixed rules on testing and companies are fairly random in their selection procedure.

If  it turns out that you are HIV positive, it would be problematic to purchase products associated with life assurance cover. Just having the blood test alone can result in a rebuttal of cover by some insurers, even if the test is negative.

Even having passed all the tests satisfactorily various insurers will in spite of everything double or treble your premiums. A lot of companies will be adamant that they want Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)  testing for homosexual gentelmen who request income protection or critical illness cover even though neither would settle an HIV related claim.

Michael Smith, of Smythes and Co, a financial adviser situatued in the Life Insurance Shop in Cheshire, says: ‘it’s  not nice knowing the insurance company can claim ownership to some of your blood.” Unsurprisingly the test and blood tests can be distressing.

He suggests that you take the test on your own  terms before involving  an insurer. To avert insurance companies having the right to sections of your medical records, a number of people advise getting drug or STD treatment at anonymous clinics which are available in almost every city or town. The National Aids Helpline or the Henry Jacobs Trust should be able to assist you in locating the right one.

There is currently an agreement among The ABI  and The British Medical Association (BMA) whereby doctors should not be asked to give details on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and negative HIV  tests. Different proposals will help to make the risk assessment undertaken by insurance more up- to- date by making certain that protected sexual behaviour, rather than sexuality, is the criterion.

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