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Scots Have Cheaper Car Insurance


Even though everyone is experiencing rising car insurance premiums, Scottish drivers are enjoying far better insurance deals than anywhere across theUnited Kingdom. This fact has been a result of the new survey.
Car insurance experts are saying that the legal system inScotlandis not the same as of that inEngland. This means that there are not the same cultural factors forcing insurance premiums to rise like those inEngland.
With the survey encompassing more than 4 million car insurance quotes, it has been revealed that insurance premiums charged to motorists residing in the northern border have actually dropped in the previous year. InEngland, however, insurance premiums risen up to nearly 5 %.
Meanwhile, in another poll that was conducted by a known car insurance company, it was revealed that the average premium charged to Scottish drivers was actually the lowest car insurance premium charged anywhere in theUK. Premiums for Scottish drivers were noticed to be around £590 while the next lowest premium was £150 higher.
It has also been revealed that the steepest car insurance premiums in theUK, aroundManchesterandLiverpool, were still double the amount that Scottish drivers had to pay.
According to the initial survey, there are about seven out of ten areas wherein drivers along the Northern border paid lesser amounts in the previous year. Motorists inFalkirk, on the other hand, saw their car insurance premiums lessen by 4.6 %. All of this data has been gathered from the Car Insurance Price Index.
The next biggest drop, at around 3.7 %, has been experienced byEdinburghdrivers.Dundeeis at the third spot with 3.5 % reductions andInvernessis at the fourth with 3.3 % drops in their car insurance coverage payments.
Nevertheless, motorists in other areas of theUnited Kingdomhave suffered from doubling insurance costs. InBradfordalone, there has been a price hike of up to 17.1 %.
In the whole of theUnited Kingdom, the average car insurance cost for a comprehensive insurance policy has stood at around £840. This pricing has been effective as of December 2011.
Third party and fire-theft insurance premiums have risen even higher in the previous year. With increases of up to 10.2 %, the average of these insurance policies cost up to almost £ 1,200.

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