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According to car insurance


A recent study conducted by the NCP has brought forward an interesting point, which is the fact that women are better at parking their vehicles than men. The parking coefficient scores have come down to be supportive to the women than men with women scoring 13.4 whereas men score is 12.3 on the whole. The study is carried out with in-depth in prominent areas with a full month time dedicated to the techniques used for parking, the amount of time that is taken for parking the vehicle.
With such a good rating, women are at a better hand to get cheap car insurance than men. In the study it is found that only 29% of men go for repositioning of cars whereas 56% of women go ahead with it. On a various categories like central parking and other areas are taken care by women in a better way. It has become quite difficult to get a car insurance and even if one gets they all seem to be quite expensive. It is not that people cannot get a better insurance and it is just that they need to go through the right source possible to get the maximum results possible.
If parking is not done in a proper way then there is high chance of the vehicle getting damaged. Getting insurance for vehicles is of utmost importance in order to gain the best out of the deal. There are some car insurance quotes available in the market but one ought to compare auto insurance quotes with the others in order to land on the cheapest car insurance for your needs. In order to get the best and authentic information possible, one should make use of the reliable sites online that are not only updated but also opens you up to the latest deals in the insurance market.

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