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Banorte bank accounts to mobile

imageBefore the banking process performed by the Mexican financial system, Banorte created a bank account in which the holder is free to go to the branch opening, it may operate via mobile phone and banking correspondents.This account is part of a financial services program, called “MiFon” designed to promote banking among people with limited access to these services, using alternate channels and more advanced mobile payment technology, explained in a statement .

He explained that with the new scheme, customers can make payments, deposits or transfers between accounts, by linking the cell phone, bank account and the network of telegraph Telecomm.

He noted that resources available, customers may choose to use your cell phone, or a debit card can apply by calling.

The first stage of launch, in conjunction with Telecomm Telegraphs, will begin this month in the town of Santiago Nuyoo, Oaxaca, and will run nationwide during the first quarter of 2012.

Deputy General Director of Alternate Channels Grupo Financiero Banorte, Hector Abrego, said that this program will be the main tool to increase the banking institution in the country.

“It’s a real simplified account can be opened with a simple phone call, without having to go to a bank (…) which allow a large segment of the population still does not have immediate access to banking services , for the first time can approach the bench, “he said.

He argued that the simplified accounts will be linked to a cell-phone number indicated by the client-and the corresponding debit card may be collected from any of the items to the public that the bank has through its correspondent, Telecomm Telegraph in the country.

Users of this new product may make purchases at thousands of shops, withdraw cash at any of more than six thousand 200 ATMs are there in the institution, and send money from one account to another through his cell phone.

He clarified that this is a first step, since it will gradually introduce new services such as airtime recharge. The operation of mobile services “MiFon” will be held with the SMS platform, which is already common knowledge among the population.

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